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High-quality consulting and custom software development services.

Be agile - with us!
Our Products
AL Platform is a flexible add-in framework for agile development of desktop applications with complex user interface. It introduces a concept of abstract desktop and defines a new development methodology - Tool-Oriented Approach.

WLib is a web library for rapid development of online applications with AJAX-based client front-end. WLibrary provides multilingual support, caching, scalability through mem-cached and MS velocity, unified data layer, mailing system, RSS handler, on-the-fly script compressing and more.
When you deal with Agile-SYS, you deal with software development team. You work with us - Agile-SYS - directly, with no middle people between us.

Agile-SYS provides custom software development services: online systems, desktop applications and integration solutions.

Online systems: we are not web-design studio or a company which builds one-page websites - instead, our team specializes on complex systems that others can not do. We know how to build scalable online systems with great performance (yes, our applications always work extremely fast), with reliable and robust server backend. Over the years of expertise, we have build (and continue enhancing) our own web library - Wlib - which proves its effectiveness on every project.

Desktop applications: our team has strong experience in building desktop applications with complex business logic and composite user interface. We have developed our own add-in framework - AL Platform - on top of which we build all desktop applications. This allows us to deliver software faster, and use numerous internal facilities of the framework.

Integration solutions: for us, integration is like a final beloved baby. Our team does know how Microsoft Office stuff works, and we really love Microsoft Excel. If you have a system and entry point - give it to us, and we will integrate whatever you want.
Why Agile-SYS
Top 5 reasons to chose us
  • We do know what software quality is, and how to build quiality software.
  • We do our job fast because we have a set of tools and reusable components. Daily updates.
  • No middle people. We don't have extra managers and sale persons who are paid just because they are.
  • Whatever problem is, we always find a solution. Proved on many projects.
  • We value each customer and don't divide them on big and small.

What makes us agile
  • Our software development approach - requirement-driven development.
  • Team model we use: product manager, project manager, developer, QA engineer.
  • Products and tools - both our own and ones offered by computer society.
  • Our experience, knowledge, skills.

Screen Shots

AL Platform is available in free trial with no time limitation and with no features disabled.

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